Papa Pear – Levels 23 – 30

The closing strait of this section continues to give us a warm up for the stages to come, its amazing how you become more skilled at controlling the papa or even ‘papas’ with more than one on the board at a time! ONWARDS! 


Level 23

Level 23 and we are on task to bring down the fruits! Remember that with each new game the fruit will shift positions too! With a funky carrot theme going on here it is not unusual to find the tiniest pin holding up all progress. Use powerful shots to knock fruit off pins they are stuck on.


Level 24

Level 24 and not only do we have to bring down the fruit but you have to remove the lids from the buckets in order to do so. Now while you dont have to take every lid off in order to succeed keep in mind it is nearly impossible to remove a lid with more than one piece of fruit sitting on it!


Level 25

Level 25, 70 000 points and a whole heap of happy buckets…well thats the aim anyway! the layout of this board is all about using your angles, aim for the blueberry/grape bouncy pins (the middle in the series of three) and you should be able to activate the multiplyer pins. With these extra papas on the board clearing a path and filling your buckets should be a piece of … fruit!


Level 26

Level 26 is a feel good level, wipe all of the single hit acorns and berries from the board and not only should you meet your points criteria with cash to spare but this will also clear a path to your hungry buckets.


Level 27

Level 27! I told you things were going to get moving! The task here really is to earn the points, your fruit will become collateral damage as the game progresses. Fire pins are handy and easy to create  on this level just release your papas on the ‘up’ roll, remember combine fire papas with grenade pins and you get even bigger & slower bouncing balls of fruit crushing fury!


Level 28

Level 28 let the games begin! Well things are really moving now and you need to take note that when a line of the moving berries is rolled into one if you hit it at that moment the entire row will take the impact. To complete this level with a bit of a bang time your shot and send two papas down into the depths of the multiplier pins..and watch the chaos ensue! any remaining buckets can be straight shot after!


Level 29

Level 29 now step it up a notch and elements in the game that cannot be removed are starting to move! possibly just when you have begun to anticipate the bounce trajectory of your hard working papas too! A fire pin will help to clear the board a little but this level is all about timing! get it right and the bamboo will deliver your papa to the desired bucket!


Level 30

Level 30 How pretty!..pretty tricky! Obviously your first task is to get rid of as many carrots as possible before you start to hunt down your individual acorns. If you’ve been paying attention completing this level should be a walk in the park, raking up three stars however is not an easy feat..unless you love a challenge!

Papa Pear Tips for Difficult levels

The way you approach each Papa Pear level has a huge impact on your ultimate success or failure. While the objectives in each level are clear the best way in which to meet these objectives can often be a little more obscure. Sometimes there are a few hints, tips and tricks that you can learn from those who have stubbornly battled before you!

  • Level 77

    Level 77

    Know when to ‘burn’ and when to cool that sizzle – Flaming Papa are great, they can neutralise pesky spiky fruit that stop your papa cold, they can burn through chilis, berries, acorns & carrots faster and they are essential for crisping up pea pods that spread little green speed bumps in your way. However knowing when to actively seek fire pins and when to avoid them at all costs is essential. Certain levels such as Level 77 or 90  with a requirement of a whopping 750 000 points rely upon the use of these ‘pea pins’ to add obstructions to bounce off,  effectively keeping your papas bouncing for longer. Lose the peas and your papas will end up in buckets fast!


Burning the peas in this level is a big mistake


  • Watermelons are a little like pea’s …well sort of, some levels need you to destroy these seed spitting green goons straight away (like level 100 or 108) While others require you to harness the buoyancy and ride the seeds to glory. Level 107 is one of these, lighting up the buckets is the least of your worries with 440 000 points to earn and the best way to do this is to knock out all of one type of pin and earn multiplier pins to boost your score! Lose your two melons too early on and you will miss out on valuable points!


    The Wacky West is filled with watermelons!

  • I hate to burst your bubble…as you enter ’20 000 Pears under the sea’ you will find the addition of bubbles which are the same as many Papa Pear elements, they either need to be taken out immediately or used to your advantage depending on the objective. To take out these bad boys they need a direct hit with a full powered papa!


    Use different elements to your advantage

  • Tornados – good cop bad cop… if the sight of one of these spinning bad boys has you breaking out in a Candy Crush cold sweat then you need to relax, these are mini weather systems of a much kinder nature. Admittedly you dont always need their help but they generally do more good than harm redistributing your papas around the board.

20 000 Pears under the sea!


Papa Pear Saga – Levels 16- 22

Welcome to Pirates of the Pearibbean! having completed your orientation with the crossing of the rugged Fruity Forest you are well on your way to Papa mastery…only 300 odd to go! I may have said it before but these levels are incredibly important as a learning foundation, each new element to the game is introduced gradually making subsequent harder levels a fun challenge not an overwhelmingly difficult task that leaves you contemplating the effects of throwing your phone into the duck pond…yes well we wont talk about that! ‘


Level 16

Level 16 sets us off into the blue yonder with the task of lighting up those spunky buckets, with a few obstacles along the way of course. With 90 000 points to earn you are going to need every one of your 20 papas! I recommend initially  aiming high and hard to get some fire pins on the board and burn your way to some decent figures!


Level 17

Level 17 and our beloved buckets have lids on making our task a little trickier. I think the concept being taught here is how to create as much ‘bang for our buck’ as possible with 151 000 points required as the minimum.


Level 18

Level 18 introduces us to the idea that sometimes a little housekeeping needs to be done before we can get suck into the fun part..or in this case the objective. Carrots as we know only require one hit but this can sometimes be frustrating when your papa bounces off into a completely useless direction. The secret to success here is to make progress into your carrots via the top, your first strike will be important so try and make this the carrot spiral that is 12 O’clock sharp!


Level 19

Level 19 looks pretty easy right, and while its easy to get the fruits down it is somewhat trickier to meet the objective of 180 000 points! The trick here is to not  bring the fruits down immediately, a skill that you will need to hone as you progress in order to succeed! (I see what you’ve done there clever King developer!)


Level 20

Level 20 and its again with the lidded buckets, nothing too difficult about this level but its a great one to practise your ‘controlled drops’, scaling back on the power allows for a gentler drop with more of a ‘roll’ action.


Level 21

Level 21 and we find more of our objectives ‘locked in’, again I can recommend an attack from directly above. Slip a papa in through a hole in the carrot ring and let the bounce do the rest!


Level 22

Level 22 is a funny level, shot wise its not too difficult to clear the carrot pieces which are cheekily tucked in between a blueberry/grape bouncer and a piece of bamboo. But it is great practice for hitting a moving target, and as the levels progress there is a lot more movement to look forward to!  Just keep an eye as always on the points total…and why is it so satisfying (and addictive) to claim that number one position on the leaderboard?

Papa pear level 111

imageEvery now and then (and with increasing regularity once you hit triple digits) you come across a Papa Pear ‘speed bump’. This saga is relatively fast paced in the beginning as you gradually get the hang of perfecting your Papas’ speed and trajectory. Admittedly some levels are harder than others but this generally means you haven’t found the right way to complete your objectives, some of these are not as straight forward as they appear…and then there are levels like 111.


This level has a relatively straight forward objective, knock out 45 carrots and earn a minimum of 150 000 points..(please dont forget about the points, trust me there is nothing more frustrating than finally popping that elusive last carrot and coming up short on points) but looks in this case are deceiving as 111 is HARD! it requires a little skill and quite possibly a lot of luck!


Try to make creating your fire pins a priority

First thing you have to do is make some fire pins, remember this is done by bouncing a pear from one side of the screen to the other, in this case it is important that you do this first before the red chilies are destroyed. Now ideally you can create two fire pins by starting full power shot to the top left then quickly full power shot to the top right, this however only works if you time it right otherwise the two papas hit each other as they cross in the middle. Play around with this opening shot, you may make it work shooting two pins to the left or right. I believe that having at least two fire pins on the board is essential for success, the two fire pins already on the board at the start are near impossible to activate on their own and the best role they play is to extend the life of your fire papa.


What makes this level tricky is simply the positioning of the carrots in between the bamboo pieces. The carrots on the bottom corners are relatively easy to hit if you activate a fire pin to clear the first row of berries and crack a space in the carrots to activate the grenade pin within. A handy tip to remember is if you hit a grenade pin (the green ones) with an already flaming papa, this papa then inflates even further in size creating far more surface area and increasing the likelihood of burning up some orange crunchies!  Carrot can be cleared from between these bamboo pieces by gently propping papas down these ‘chutes’ and I say ‘Papas’ plural as they need to bounce around in there, one on it own will simply drop straight down clearing the berries and making it virtually impossible! Good luck!!



Managing your Papa Pear friends and Facebook


Notifications can really upset some people…fools!

imageWeirdly enough not everyone enjoys gaming (I know right?) In fact there are those who get downright cranky when a notification lands on their facebook page or *gasp* shock horror ends up in their newsfeed! Good news is there are some great ways to feed your need for lives and level hopping assistance without upsetting those delicate friends!

  • Find your allies! Throw out a Facebook status calling upon all friends who play Papa Pear to shout out and let you know, I know the app tends to make up lists of people who play (and who it thinks should play) but these cant really be relied on, especially if someone is not too tech savvy, they may have authorised the game accidently to try and figure out what it is. You’ll end the debate once and for all with a status, you’ll find out who plays and needs lives as bad as you, who sympathises and is willing to help out (usually farmville fanatics!) and who really doesn’t care, like, or can’t stand game requests…yep they have a way of letting people know, GENERALLY LOUDLY!


  • imageOnce you know who your ‘true’ friends are start making a smart list, create this in your privacy settings and add people by clicking on ‘Friend’ this will give you the option to delete or ‘Edit Friends list’, enter this and add them to your smart list! then its a matter of simply selecting this option when posting to Facebook (public, friends, acquaintances or GAMERS!)
  • You can add random fellow Papa Pear fans securely by restricting their access to your personal information, it pays to regularly check your privacy settings anyway!
  • If you are having trouble with the app posting on your behalf every time you achieve something (Yay you scored a fire pin!) you can restrict the audience again to your trusty band of fellow papa travellers, or indeed just your self!
  • Get ‘a schoolin’, send a shout out status to the anti-gamers educating them as to how an app is hidden or blocked from their newsfeed (little ‘x’ top right hand corner of the post)
  • if you yourself are not too keen on having a newsfeed full of other people’s achievements then take your own advice and hide those pesky stories! (this is especially handy if you are stuck and a little over people seemingly effortlessly cruising straight past you!)


Papa Pear Saga – levels 8-15

imageBy now you will be well on your way to establishing good Papa pear form, it takes a little to get used to the controlling your Papa Pears trajectory but you will soon develop the art and there will be no stopping you!


Level 8

Level 8  and you will notice you only have 14 Papa Pears to work with, this is ok though, as long as you dont waste any. What it also means is you need to keep a lookout and aim for any blue pins, there is one already on the board to get you started. Activating a blue pin will give you another Papa Pear on the board, handy when not only are the buckets a little tricky to hit but the points you must score are pretty significant too, dont forget to keep an eye on that yellow bar!


Level 9

Level 9 finds us aiming to earn a minimum of 70 000 points and light up all buckets, at first glance it may seem intimidating but it is essential to remember that working from the top down will ultimately produce the most points. You want to clear a path for your Papas down to the buckets to ensure all get filled in time, but make sure you do this via the maximum amount of points possible.


Level 10

Level 10 and we are encouraged to test out the super aim, while this is nice I’m not one for paying for boosters, you dont need them, trial and error will help you adjust your aim as much as this handy tool. Appearing on this board for the first time are some squishy brown little fellows..(I’m going with a type of nut?) these purely provide to be an obstacle with very little bounce in them.


Level 11

Level 11 and your job is to bring down the fruits and we are officially introduced to the grenade pin, these glowing green gems increase the size of your Papa Pear causing its knockout power to be increased. A new element is introduced here too, the green segmented bamboo cannot be removed from the board and provides a handy structure upon which to roll, bounce or skid your Papa across! Just be careful on this level that you dont bring all the fruit down before you hit the required score and when trying to make your Papas ‘roll’ along the bamboo it is easier if you control the power at which they are released.


Level 12

Level 12 hmmm see I told you the developers are cunningly clever, the gradual addition in this level is mobility, yep thats right the berries and acorns are now officially on the move! The good news is you can use this to your advantage, aim high enough and you can keep your Papa on the move for longer which as you know brings in the bigger points and the good chance of scoring some booster pins.


Level 13

Level 13 and we have a carrot cannon on the board, you get one shot at amping up your papa power to a fierce papa and releasing it so it runs up the cannon and hopefully hits the multiplyer pin (if you miss dont stress, at least you know what these carrot channels are designed for!)


Level 14

Level 14 and the cute innocent acorns are in the line of fire…well thats what we are trying to aim for. These nuts are tricky little things at the best of times, they are easy to destroy, one hit is all it takes but you will soon learn it takes a bit to hunt them down!


Level 15

Level 15 and you will need to rack up 45 000 points and knock off 50 carrots…which may very well be easier said than done! The clever design of this board makes it a little tricky just dont become too obsessed by the ginger crispies that you forget about scoring those points.

Papa Pear Saga hints, tips and tricks


Howdy Papa!

Everybody loves a good saga right? And Papa Pear isn’t  one to disappoint! This games starts off easy enough with a nice and simple interface and pinball style play but before you know it you are having Candy Crush flashbacks and level 165 sweats! The good news is there are a few handy hints, tips and tricks available that you can keep in mind to help you achieve your gameplay objectives!

  • On levels that require a high points total work from the top down and be careful not to destroy your lower levels too quickly or you will have nothing to keep your papa’s in the air with.
  • When trying to land your Papa in a cluster of pins or gently roll it along a piece of bamboo decrease the power of your aim, this allows the papa to be gently dropped instead of shot out, alternatively if you want maximum bounce crank up the power!
  • If there are any pins that need neutralising by fire (like the spiky fruit) aim to get your fire pin immediately. Do this by using maximum power and aim as high as possible in either the top right or left corner.


    These spiky fruits can be destroyed by fire alone.

  • Be careful you dont find your fruit blocking the pins that need destroying to let them down.


    Clear the path below your fruit to save them getting stuck!

  • If you get a Papa stuck or wedged somewhere dont stress it will get spirited back up to be ‘reshot’, you won’t lose this Papa, in fact it can be quite handy to recycle your papas!
  • Asses your board carefully, if it is points you require and you have pea pods on the board, dont make the mistake of burning them, try to avoid creating a fire pin (bouncing your papa from one side of the board to the other).
  • If you have a fire pin or a grenade pin on the board (or both) and a multiplier pin try to hit the action pins first as whatever state your papa is in when you hit the multiplier will be duplicated! (and sometimes its handy to have several extra large flaming papas on the go!)
  • When lighting up buckets, clear the corner ones first, then aim at the middle bucket. You generally can easily shoot pears at buckets beside the middle one.


    Be sure to meet your score objective first, drop the fruits before completing this and its game over.

  • Sometimes it benifits to have three papas on the board at the same time, particularly if you are on a points scoring objective and you want to stir some peas right out of their pods!
  • When challenged with lighting up buckets concentrate on scoring the minimum amount of points first, not only will this ensure you fulfil both objectives but will generally clear a path so you can shoot straight into the remaining buckets!
  • Hit the ceiling to gain an extra 500 points, easily achieved straight after you launch while the top layer of pins remains intact


Papa Pear Saga – Levels 1-7, an introduction.

imageWelcome to the first stage of your Papa Pear journey, or as its commonly known ‘the Fruity Forest’. Like with most games the first stage is dedicated to introducing you to all the different elements a game has to offer, and the developers at King are in my opinion experts at this! They manage to demonstrate a little of everything you need to know in a way that sucks you comfortably in!


Level 1

Level 1 and we meet Papa Pear, the single hit acorns and the ever delicious carrots! And we discover you can only have three Pears on the board at the same time as we try to claim a minimum of 10 000 points.


Level 2

Level 2 mixes up some berries with the acorns and we realise that these take three hits to remove, you can tell where they are in this cycle by their colour. Again this level is about learning the ropes as you aim for a minimum of 15 000.


Level 3

Level 3 brings with it Some hot and juicy chilis as we try to aim for a more respectable 18 000 or higher. This level demonstrates why it is not always wise to wipe out all of your carrot pins in the beginning, lose this bottom layer too quickly and you will have nothing to bounce off.


Level 4

Level 4 lets us meet the super cute and ever handy blueberry squishies. These grape surrounded blue pins are a permanent fixture of the board, they cannot be removed and play a useful role in adding extra bounce to your Papa Pears, learn to use them wisely as you aim to collect 15 000 points!


Level 5

Level 5 Is the first level that asks you to bring down the fruit suspended at various points around the board. At this point you may notice the scoring method, each time a type of pin is hit you score..obviously but then each subsequent hit with that same papa increases the points earned incrementally, so the aim is to keep your Papa Pears bouncing for as long as possible. 


Level 6

Level 6 and we are again aiming to knock the Interesting to note is the position of this fruit will change with each subsequent game, sometimes they will all perch precariously upon the same series of pins. The aim is to take out the fruits & vegetables that are holding them up, and it is here we realise the value of the ‘up’ bounce! This is also a good level to practise earning a fire pin.


Level 7

Level 7 and our crazy arm waving buckets are looking a little pale, your job is to land a Papa Pear in each bucket and ‘light them up!’ Easiest way to get this done is to obviously clear a path through the acorns, red chilies, carrots and finally the pink berries,  depending on how you are with controlling angles the yellow chilies may also need to get the ‘bounce’.


Papa Pear Pins – Special booster pears


Some Papa Pins in action!

Papa Pear booster pins are the equivalent of Candy crushes’ special candies and super combinations. Get your Papa Pear thrown around the board in just the right way and you are duly rewarded with one of five special pins that each have their own distinct flavour of goodness! Once on the board pins must be hit by a Papa Pear to be activated, depending on the action of the pin the Pear will then  take on the feature which will last until it burns out or lands in a bucket!


imageWhat could be better than a Papa Pear? ..Well the answer would naturally have to be two Papa Pears! which is exactly what you get when you manage to bounce a Pear off the rim of a bucket 5 times. Admittedly there is a great deal of luck involved in getting one of these babies, but they seem to pop up regularly enough. The Beauty of course is you get another Pear on the board, which can definitely come in handy regardless of what you are targeting or aiming for, sometimes a little chaos is all you really need! 

imageNext on the list is the Grenade Pin, this little green gem packs quite a punch on a busy board. Activate one of these and your innocent little Papa Pear increases in size to become a super Papa, which means more pin popping action. To earn one of these you need to have had an active Papa Pear on the board that has hit pins 50 times before it hits the buckets. This might sound tricky but you’ll be surprised at how often these pop up.



Now this is my all time favourite pin and you will soon realise why! The aim of some levels is to ‘light up’ the buckets, or in other words drop a Papa Pear into a bucket, sounds easy enough right? Well in some cases this is no where near as easy as it sounds and this is where these little beauties can come into their own! Often the Buckets have lids, corks or other tops on them that need to be removed first and this can often be easier said than done. To score one of these though you need to drop 7 Papa Pears into the same bucket, well actually 8 because it needs to be lit up already. Of course this pin is only of use in levels where the aim is to light up the buckets.

imageMultiplier pins are a great way to increase your total points score, unfortunately on some levels you may find yourself achieving the specific tasks set out but ultimately failing in the end as you come up short on the points tally…frustration city! Each board generally consists of many different fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries, when you manage to clear all of one sort of edible pin this is your hard earned reward!

imageAnd Finally last but definitely not least is the Papa Fire pin, this little guy turns your sweet little Papa Pear into a fiery demon that can take on even the nastiest of spiky fruit or the most irritating of pea pods. Just be aware on some levels the last thing you want is a flaming pear on the loose, in some cases the pesky peas are actually incredibly useful and sometimes even necessary. To get a fire pin a Papa Pear must travel from one side of the screen to the other, once both edges have been hit your pin will pop up!



What is the Papa Pear Saga?


King has done it again! They have managed to release yet another terrifyingly addictive and vibrant game that bounces right off the fun center of the brain and lands deep into your psyche! ..Well sort, of but not in a weird way!

Available on all major devices Papa Pear Saga will have you coming back again and again to try and work your way through the colorful and quirky lands, with as it stands at the moment, 250 exciting and diverse levels.

In the beginning anyone could be forgiven for thinking this game is one of luckimage alone as you watch helmeted pears bounce wildly in every direction, taking out assorted fruits, vegetables and nuts in their path, racking up points and blasting through booster balls that seemingly suddenly appear. You do have control over the direction of the ‘pear cannon’ which shoots out your papas in all their grey haired glory and also control of how hard they are released, which translates into how they ‘bounce’ (aha! I see what you did there Mr Newton!) The rest is up to physics and relies upon you calculating your angles so the bounce is ‘just so!’.image

But as the game progresses the sobering reality sets in that this game is indeed one of skill and does require a degree of patience, forethought and careful planning if you are to succeed. Levels are basically split into objectives; collect a certain amount of points, collect a specific number of acorns, carrots or chilies, land a papa Pear into specific buckets (light up the buckets) or bring down suspended fruit & land them in the buckets, or indeed any combination of all of the above. Each fruit or vegetable has its own bouncing properties and as the game progresses so do the complexities of these properties.


If your Papa Pear performs certain feats of aerodynamic nimbleness you are rewarded with certain boosters; Bounce  a Papa from one side of the screen to the other and a glowing orb of fire will position itself upon the board, when hit, it turns that papa pear into an enlarged ball of fire that burns its way through carrot walls and turns pea pods into crispy shells, it has the ability to silence spike growing, papa pear neutralising melons and can make minced  jam of all berries in its path.

Altogether Papa Pear Saga is great fun and bottom line I guess that is what we are all lookingimage for in a good game. The levels progress gradually with each new element being introduced subtly enough to become familiar before they are stepped up a notch in difficulty. I really enjoy how the developers at King draw people into their world, even the somewhat gauche cartoon graphics grow on you…just like an adorable fungus! Rally your friends and get them excited, with 3o minutes between each life great friends are essential!image